Utilizing BlockCert - Blockchain-Based Educational Certificates

Imagine that, one day you graduate from CUHK-Shenzhen and you don't receive a paper diploma. While you are complaining it to your friend, saying that "the University is too stingy to give a single paper", you receive an email, with title "Your Digital Diploma". With curiosity, you open the email and it says, "Welcome to digital world. Attached is your e-diploma, and you can print it yourself". Uh-huh, e-diploma? Sounds to be cool.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my dearest readers. The following contents are in Chinese (yes I'm too lazy to translate...)

Deploy Mailman 3 on AWS Using Docker

Update Jan 2, 2018: I believe that this article has covered most components you need. If you have any problem, you're welcomed to contact me (tho I am not a professional guy) at... you can find my contact :)